JR Builders Ltd is an experienced construction services company specialising in groundworks, basements and reinforced concrete structures.

People who need a construction foundation can employ a well-known contractor to assist them with this mission. Notwithstanding the complexity of your project, JR Builders specialists can always count on Groundworks to deliver top-notch services. In addition, if you require a JCB, you can’t afford to purchase, you can use the skilled JR Builder services.There are lots of work to be done in preparation for the construction works when you begin a building project. Groundworks facilities are important to prevent unwanted surprises on the road before beginning a building project. Ground study, site clearing, field stabilization and landscape services are the most common basic services .


Wallis Road

Wallis Road for Blueray Construction Ltd
79  Wallis Road,
Hackney Wick, E9 5NN

Contract Value: £1.7

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